The province’s capital Santa Barbara de Samana was founded in 1751 by the Spanish governor Francisco Rubio and Penyaranda, in order to promote the region and to defend it from French and English pirates’ frequent forays. Soon after that the French captured the town planning to build a port for Napoleon there, as well as to announce the city for capital of the whole island. In 1908 the city and the province received their local name Samana.

The city of Samana is bordered by the Bay of Samana, which is included in the list of the most beautiful bays in the world.

The Evangelical church "St. Peter" is located here, reminding residents and visitors to Samana of its Afro-American heritage.

The Province of Samana is called island in the island.
Located in a breathtaking tropical garden the CEBSE museum of whales reveals to visitors the history of giant humpback whales.

Among reefs and shoals Cayo Levantado is found- the largest of all coral islands of Samana. Access to there is exciting and pleasant for walk.

The place is refuge for humpback whales, which go there from the cold waters of Greenland to warm tropical waters each winter. Here you can see one of the most majestic views of nature- a 35 ton male whale flying in his desire to impress a female as a part of the ritual of courtship. The covered, inner bay of Samana is perfect for nursery of cubs. Females and cubs could be seen to swim together.

Taino Park- life history! In this thematically built up park the story of the island’s residents, Taino Indians, is told since the arrival of Europeans. The park is amusing and educational for all ages.

Rincon Beach -nominated by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the best beaches in the world.

The most popular adventure trip- El Limon Waterfall.

Diving and Fishing, Las Galeras is a gateway to the best dives in Samana. Some of the best dive sites here are: Cabo Cabrón's Puerto Malo, Tibisi, La laguna, Piedra Bonita, Cueva de Chopa and Herradura to the west of Rincon beach.

National Park Los Haitises- mountains in the sea, mangroves, coral islands, birds and caves. Los Haitises is a national reserve located on an area of 1 242 square miles.

Samana has a well developed infrastructure: New "Juan Pablo II" runway, which connects in 50 minutes the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; El Catey International Airport is 40 minutes away; a new mega port is being constructed in Arroyo Barril.